Call for the Ban as Tiktok Ratings Are Falling Day by Day


From past few days, people are noting that the Tiktok ratings are falling day by day and this is because of the controversy between YouTube and Tiktok influencers. After this controversy between the Amir Siddiqui and Carry Minati the internet users brought down the ratings of Tiktok. Tiktok was rated at 4.6 earlier but now it came down to 2 and this is a very huge change in just two to three days only. The people are very much disappointed after this controversy and they have called for a ban on Tiktok. People are saying that Tiktok is a Chinese video application and is owned by Bytedance, so it should be banned.

Tiktok Lite ratings also fallen down, this was an app that is used by people in small smartphones and other lower-end mobiles. The ratings of the Tiktok Lite crash to 1.1 stars after this controversy between YouTubers and Tiktokers. Earlier it was noted that Tiktok is one of the fast-growing markets in India rather than in China. Tiktok is having more than 200 million monthly active users and around 107 monthly downloads in April 2020 whereas last year Tiktok increased its business by 2.5x and 22% of that came from India. But now the Indian netizens are have called for a ban of Tiktok in India and this all because of the controversy.

Tiktok has faced so many controversies earlier also but this time the controversy has brought down the ratings of this platform. If you don’t know about “How the controversy took place between the YouTube and Tiktok influencers?” then you can look at the updates of Tiktok on our page.

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