8 Tips for Watching Free Movies on Xbox One – 2021 Guide

Nick Clair

Xbox is a gaming brand manufactured and owned by Microsoft. Xbox one, to be specifically launched in 2013 is not just a gaming console, it is much more than that. One can use Xbox one as a set-up box and can watch free movies on Xbox One. Through cable or internet connection, streaming free movies on Xbox one can be easily availed. Xbox one is a device that no one can get fed off, with its had ultra HD gaming quality and live streaming movie features, it is an all-in-one device. If your question is, how to get free movies on Xbox One? So, let’s see how to watch free movies on Xbox one and through platforms.

It’s simply easy to watch free movies Xbox one, all you need is a high-speed working internet connection. There is a various platform on which a user can stream to watch different movies. There are various websites available to watch movies on Xbox One. Let us get to some of the best free movie websites for Xbox one

  • Flixtor

The is the best platform to watch free Xbox movies. Here all you have to do is to click on my Games and Apps option and enter into Microsoft edge. And then you are welcomed to the heaven of movies library. Streaming movies on Xbox one is a wonderful experience, and this experience will be even well decorated when you are streaming live movies on Flixtor. Users can access Flixtor via Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge is accessible from the “My apps and games” menu of their console.

  • Popcorn flix

Free movies app Xbox one provides different platforms to watch uncountable movies, It is one of the most popular Xbox one free movie app. In Xbox free movie app you can easily access Popcorn flix. All you have to do is to go to the free movie Xbox one store, search Popcorn flix, install the Popcorn flix app and let’s get started. Users can easily download the “Popcorn Flix” app from “My apps and games” and head to the app store menu of the Xbox one console.

  • Vimeo

If you want to get free movies for Xbox Vimeo is the best app to provide the best list of movies of your choice. Here you can stream free movies on Xbox One. Go to Xbox one free movies app and search for Vimeo, its procedure is simple, install it and make your experience of watching movies fabulous and memorable. The user interface of this Xbox one free movie streaming platform is elegant and easily navigational. Vimeo is available to download in the app store of the Microsoft Xbox one console.

  • TV Box

This app simply answers your question, how to get free movies on Xbox One. This one of the most popular apps for streaming movies on Xbox One.  Process of installing the app simple and the same as other mentioned apps. This app provides a variety of free movies HD Xbox one. There are varieties of contents available on TV Box. Users can also watch their favorite TV show on TV BOX via Xbox One. TV Box app is available in the app store of the Xbox one console, users can download it from the Appstore.

  • Vudu Movies and TV

Microsoft Xbox one has collaborated with Vudu movies and TV. Users of Microsoft Xbox one can now watch thousands of movies on their gaming console. All the movies available on Vudu Movies and TV are free movies for the Xbox app. A lot of different content is also get updated On Vudu Movies and TV regularly. Watching free movies on Xbox one was never easy before the partnership of this movie streaming site with Microsoft. Xbox one users will have unbelievable experience of free movies @ HD Xbox one while streaming movies on their gaming console.

  • YouTube

 YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular platform among all the mentioned streaming platforms. YouTube makes Xbox one movie streaming quite easy and comprehensible. There is an uncountable number of movies, TV shows, and videos available on YouTube. It is the best platform for Xbox one free movies. Although, ad popups in the middle of streaming can be a little bit irritating for users. Users can download the YouTube app from the “My apps and games” option available on the main screen of the Xbox one user interface.

  • Crackle

Crackle is free to access and stream just like the above-mention apps. It is free movie apps for Xbox One. Earlier it was popularly known as Sony Crackle. Crackle is free and users can use it as Xbox one movie streaming platform. Movies and shows are available on this platform without any rental charges. Although ads between the stream can be intriguing sometimes, they are very few and manageable. It is the best platform for free movies HD app Xbox one owing to its free content. Users can easily download the Crackle app from the app store of the console.

  • Blue-ray

We all are well aware of the fact that Xbox one supports Blur ray disc. So, if a user wants to play a movie via CD rather than streaming movies Xbox one then this conventional facility will be the optimum choice. There are a lot of free movies websites for Xbox one available on the internet but if a user wants to enjoy the movie in old ways. Movies via blue-ray discs or general movie DVDs will be the best experience for the user. This can be the best option to watch a movie when there is no connectivity of the internet.


 All the above-mentioned ways to watch movies on Microsoft Xbox one are working perfectly. It all depends upon the users to opt for the best-suited one according to their preference. These all methods are user-friendly and with very few procedures to follow. These methods are free and users can even watch their favorite movies even without any hindrance. Almost all the above-mentioned apps won’t require any kind of registration process to watch a movie. Although, few of them may ask for registration because of certain changes in their policy.

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