Book Review – The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

Jake Blake
Book Review The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

In John Green’s story “The fault in our stars; he tries to show the story of a girl who Bravely survived the route of darkness and despair. He described the tragedy of Cancer with the essence of love and made all characters memorable. Just one disease has the potency to destroy a happy and healthy life, and we call it CANCER. It is such a horrible disease when people lose their hope, mostly losing their life.

The fault in our stars

Some get success in surviving but they always feel that unforgettable pain. This disease never tries to differentiate between age, gender, caste, or status. There are so many stories behind this tragedy; every story has different characters, but everyone suffers the same pain. A bit of that pain is imprinted in the book “The Fault in our Stars”.

Many readers felt that it was their own life story because this story touches on some moment in everyone’s life.  Especially those who had faced that critical situation once in their life. Those who fight cancer, know the heartache in that tragic situation and how they fight for life and get many unforgettable scars. The writer started the story with the star girl ‘Hazel Lancaster; the fighter girl who’s inspired many of us.

Hazel was diagnosed with cancer at a young age, but she is fine with this life, a situation that made her mature at this age when many just enjoy their life. She met Augustus waters; as a Green Group member, Augustus is a young man around Hazel’s age group and a Cancer survivor. After some time, Augustus fell in love with Hazel because he felt she was his dream girl. Both the main characters of the book are going through the situation but they both are happy in their life like they want to live every moment they have. 

The story moves through ups and downs and can bind the reader. That’s why this story has touched everyone’s heart, not only those who have gone through the same situation but also those who have lived through the pages of the book. In this story, the writer beautifully describes the power of perseverance, and we see how a young survivor speared happiness. The green group tries to bring laughter and tears to the cancer fighters. This story has feelings like love, romance, anger, excitement, humor, and friendship as well as bravery. 

In this story, we learn how we protect our family and friends by just showing a smile on our faces while battling through obstacles. Both the characters of the book hide their helplessness and depression and try hard to smile. They have to make everyone happy around them. 

This story is written so beautifully, and after reading this you feel familiar with Green Group and all the family members. How family members prepare themselves for the worst situation and never lose hope even at the worst phase, as they also try to stay happy through the critical situation. The end of this story will melt your heart and it will make you understand the value of emotions and how precious our life is. This book has described the hustle, pain, and most importantly love. Being a reviewer of this book is a very beautiful feeling because this is the best story I have read. This story has the power to get inside you and touch you to the core. 

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