The Kapil Sharma Show: Sonu Sood to be the first guest in new episodes


As every one of you knows that because of the pandemic outbreak of COVID, the entertaining serials got pause for around 4 months. This is because a nationwide lockdown got impose in all the states. People were only able to watch some of the old shows like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Shaktiman, etc. But from 13th July 2020 onwards the entertainment industry came forward and started to move the serial stories forward.

The Kapil Sharma Show– one of the most favorite show of people was also paused, people were able to view old episodes only. But today on 1st August 2020, this entertaining show of Kapil Sharma is going to restart and you know what? The first celebrity to come on The Kapil Sharma Show is going to be Sonu Sood. Sources are saying he is the one to come on The Kapil Sharma Shoe after lockdown of 4 months. Ergo, the episode of today is going to be the best, so everyone should watch it out with their families. Let’s discuss in deep about today’s Kapil Sharma Show.

Sonu Sood is known as “messiah of migrant workers” because, in this pandemic out of COVID, he helped out all the needy people. Moreover, this encouraged him to launch an application Pravasi Rojgar. Pravasi Rojgar is going to help the migrant workers in finding jobs. To give him honor, Kapil Sharma is welcoming him to Kapil Sharma Show. The show was started on a celebratory note when everyone including cast and crew along with an NGO celebrated Sonu Sood’s birthday on set.

Sonu Sood is becoming a messiah for everyone.

In today’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Sonu Sood is going to talk about his mission during the lockdown. He will be telling how he sends thousands of people to their homes, reunited the people with families. He will also tell that during this mission he was away from his own family and children. During this uncertain situation, he was staying in a separate flat away from his family just to keep his family.

Sonu talks about the inspiration behind the Pravasi Rojgar application.

Sonu Sood shared that when he interacted with migrant workers and asked them if they will come back to Mumbai or not. Almost half of the population of migrant workers said that it depends on employment opportunities. Ergo, this is where he got the inspiration to start Pravasi Rojgar. However, it took a couple of months to start but it is definitely going to help more than one lakh worker.

Sonu Sood has become a real-life hero for all the migrant workers. We would also like to appreciate his work and would like to thanks him as well. #Sonu Sood real-life hero #Thanks to Sonu Sood.

Therefore, get ready to watch The Kapil Sharma Show today with your family only on Sony TV, 9:30 P.M. Come in touch with us to have more updates.

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