The Benefits of Plaster of Paris in Construction

Jake Blake

Plaster is a general term for a soft mixture of sand and cement, sometimes along with other substances like salt, calcium and, most commonly, gypsum. It is used to cover the surface of a freshly bricked wall, to make it smooth enough for applying primer and a final coat of paint. It may also be used as a medium for sculpting decorative patterns on the walls, ceilings and other surfaces. It also provides a certain degree of protection to the cement layer that goes on first while erecting a brick wall.

Gypsum plaster is the most common form of plaster used in the construction business, and it is this type of plaster, which is referred to as plaster of Paris. This unique name comes from the large gypsum deposits in Montmartre in Paris, which led to the local plaster manufacturing process to produce calcined gypsum (gypsum plaster added with calcium deposits), which is nowadays called Plaster of Paris.

Pop dealers in Gurgaon strive to provide only the highest quality of plaster of Paris to the Indian consumer. Although commercial buildings are nowadays entirely made of steel and glass, residential houses still rely entirely on bricks and mortar. Hence, plaster of Paris is still in demand as an important finishing component. Even in apartment buildings and flats, plaster of Paris is seen as the most common and reliable ingredient to create false ceilings and beautifully sculpted wall finishes, which is the latest trend in home decor.

Various Uses of Plaster of Paris:

1) Architecture

With the rise of modern architectural techniques in India, everyone wants to make their house or apartment look like a five-star hotel suite. Thus, false ceilings and intricate sculpted wall patterns are very much in fashion nowadays. The most common and the easiest material to work with in this regard is plaster of Paris.

2) Art

In art, the use of plaster of Paris is quite widespread. Model makers sculpt statues and busts out of plaster of Paris. Also, molds to be used in various art designs are often cast out of plaster of Paris and then hollowed out, to make it easier to make exact copies of a certain type of design.

3) Safety Precaution –

Plaster of Paris has been deemed as a very effective tool in combating real estate fires for a long time. Since plaster of Paris is a wet mixture, when set on fire, it releases all the trapped water as water vapour, thus reducing the spread of fire in a building. Hence, plaster of Paris is preferred a building material for fireproofing purposes.

With the rising boom of real estate and property construction in India, especially in bigger cities like Delhi and its suburbs, there has been a rise of companies and dealers providing raw materials at all sorts of price ranges. Pop manufacturers in Gurgaon are in a constant competition to provide the best quality of plaster to the customers at the most affordable price range, to help them build their dream home in their own design.

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