Avengers Endgame New Trailer: Whatever it Takes

Sahil Arora

The wait is all over now. Everybody needs to hold their horses for a few days more because this time Avengers Endgame is going to wrap its series. It would be a perplexing experience of watching all the Marvel Comics superhero together in one frame. This is the time when after ten years with 22 movies a billion characters will be wrapped around in this series of Avengers Endgame. The excitement all over the world is rolling over on a high note. Since it’s the endgame; fans are expected it to be the best out of all.

This is How Teaser Teased the Viewers

The stakes got high when there came the Avengers Endgame teaser. Since when Marvel dropped the new teaser, it is expected after taking Queue from Avengers: Infinity War that the teaser will have the Avengers preparing for the big war this time. The teaser let the audience exhilarated. Everyone is going crazy over it. The social media is filled with Marvel’s Endgame posts. The teaser which teased the audience contained the outlook of Earth seen to be devastated completely. Moreover, there were seen deteriorated cities and empty stadiums. The Avengers were seen panicked. This let the viewers to go crazy over it and to know what’s next could be seen in the movie.

Avengers Endgame First Official Trailer

A Trailer is Making the Audience More Curious

What Avengers Endgame teaser could not do the trailer did it in just a few minutes. Marvel had dropped its Avengers trailer. The trailer’s main aim is on the Avengers who are in a state of dilemma in order to understand that what exactly happened after Thanos’ snap. The Avengers are seen preparing for the big war to beat Thanos. It is seen that when Iron man was lost in space, Captain America, Ant-man, The Hulk, Rocket, the Black widow will be seen preparing to strategize against the war to beat Thanos. There will be new uniforms catching viewers’ eyes over them. Avengers trailer left everyone curious to know more about the film.

Avengers Endgame Second Official Trailer

It’s the Time to Revert Back on 26 April

The video on social media got viral with the message from the director which says that some people move on but not us. This lets the fans getting mad over the film. Avengers endgame release date is 26th April 2019 which is expected to get houseful in theatres with the audience this time. People are showing their immense love and support towards Marvel series all over the world. The Avengers endgame release date that is 26th April will be witnessed as the grand conclusion to all the twenty-two films. This will be the remaining Avengers taking Avengers to stand against Thanos who wiped out half of the universe and fractured avengers rank. Hence, it would be seen that Endgame will make a heavy amount of money when it hits the cinemas. It is the time to revert the actions played in the Infinity war by taking the concluding stand.

With its trailers and teasers, Marvel studio is letting everyone to not able to chill out. This is making everyone drooling over its release.

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