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There are many web design companies around the world. Ntw Designs is one of the top award winning web design digital agencies that has proven to be a top ranking agency for web designs and brand creation. As an experienced web design company, Ntw Designs is always up to date with all the latest web design trends. Knowing all the latest web upgrades can be very beneficial for your business, read and find out the quick web news provided by Ntw Designs.

Quick Web News With Ntw Designs

Performance Must Improve

Web design is always advancing and the performance of a web design must follow a long. The performance of a web design relies on many different aspects. The elements on a web design layout can effect the performance . A quick example would be a multi image widget. A multi image widget would most likely weigh very heavy and cause problems in terms of performance. To speed up web performance, adding cache code and expire headers to the HTACCESS file is recommended.

Error Free Coding is Important

Having clean and error free coding is a great coding practice that every web designer working for a web design company should be advanced in. If a website has errors, it is always a great idea to remove all errors or minimize to as much as possible.

Mobile Friendly design is Required

With the large amount of people browsing the web through a mobile device, mobile friendly web design is now a requirement.Even google now recommends mobile friendly web design. Google will also provide tips on how to convert a layout into a mobile friendly. A mobile friendly web design can be done by increasing font size, mobile optimizing, adding the viewport tag, and transforming a layout into a responsive form.

Animated Design is A Great Addition

 Javascript or jQuery designed animated web designs are very popular and trending in web design. Creating an animated web design may be hard for a simple php designer, but easy for a web design company that has many web designers that specialize in different fields. Adding an animated web design can increase user to web interaction on page and this will lead to a lower bounce rate on Alexa Rank.

The four ways provided above by Ntw Designs are the latest trends in web design. A quality, well performing, and animated web design is trending!

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