5 Best Tips That Can Help In Generating Leads Without Cold Calling


In this modern era, almost every company is pushing its limits to generate more revenue. For the same reason, BPO firms get approached as they know how to bring the best results for the businesses. There was a time when cold calling was the first choice to generate leads. With the time, this old technique has been outshined by the newer ones. Apart from that, there are many call centres that have been getting poor returns from cold calling for many years. Because only 1% of cold calls ensure successful appointments.

For those who don’t know, cold calling is a method in which a salesperson makes a call to individuals in an attempt to sell products or services. But this technique kills a lot of time & efforts because it takes an average of eight calls to reach to potential customers.

So, if you are an owner of a lead generation call centre and want to know how leads can be generated quickly without cold calling , given tips will be helpful for you:

Use social media

There is no doubt that social media platforms, especially LinkedIn have become one of the best ways for every lead generation call centre to bring more business without cold calling. The factor that attracts reputed lead generation companies towards social networking sites is that you can speak with the leads directly at anytime from anywhere. In addition to this, potential customers can respond to the messages as per their convenience. Moreover, sending messages is faster & better way to communicate with leads as compared to making numerous phone calls. Don’t forget LinkedIn has always been considered the best platform for the businesses to get new prospects.

Get referrals from current customers

If you are running a lead generation call centre and want to generate quick leads, it is advisable for you to get referrals from your current customers. Because there is a high possibility that your current customers know more prospects as compared to your expectations. That’s the main reason why companies usually run referral campaigns to generate leads in a very short period of time. For better & quick results, gift cards or cash incentives get used as a bait so that more revenue can be generated.

Strengthen your web presence

In this digital era, it is very important for every business to strengthen its web presence. Because there are so many people who usually search products and services online and that means they can be converted into customers. That’s the main reason why most of the businesses optimize their websites on the regular basis so that they don’t miss any opportunity to add prospects to current customer’s list. So, if you want to make your web presence stronger, consider the following points that can help you in generating quick and reliable leads:

  • Make your website user-friendly so that visitors don’t have to face any hassle while searching products or services.
  • Add all the necessary information on your company’s social media profiles and link them to your website. This will help all the prospects to get redirected to your site’s landing page if they want more product-related information.
  • Make sure that your website is abreast with Google’s latest policiesso that people can easily find you on the internet.

Look for public speaking engagements

Speaking at events is another best way to generate leads without cold calling. Because only genuine prospects attend the events to know about the products & services. During an event, you stand in front of a large number of potential customers who listen to you to know about your expertise. At that time, it is very important to share your contact information that includes LinkedIn profile URL, Twitter handle, etc. so that potential customers can contact you at any time.

Use promotional videos

Nowadays, almost every lead generation call centre prefers promotional videos over cold calling. Because videos are one of the best strategies that always ensure a better return on investment (ROI) as they maintain the viewer’s interest level from the start to the end. In addition to this, videos play a vital role in advertising products or services, which, in turn,  leads a better business’s profitability.

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