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What do you mean by portable water filters?

1.      Portable water filters are the water filtration machines that are used by people. These are the purification machines that people can carry out also.

2.      These type of purifiers are mainly designed for the people who are fond of traveling, hiking, camping etc.

3.      People should carry these type of water filters with them as because it is difficult to find whether the water is pure or not.

4.      So, to make the consumption of water pure during traveling people should carry portable filters with them. If anyone wants to know more about portable purifiers they should take help from aquaguard RO service center in Delhi.

Some of the portable purifiers that people use are mentioned below with a short description of them.

1. Life Straw Family 1.0 Water Purifier:

1.      This is the best type of portable purifier that can be used out by people who love to spend time with nature. This purifier is very easy to use.

2.      You just have to pour water in the upper part of the machine and it comes out filtered from the bottom.

3.      This water purifier is an emergency solution for making water purified. The best feature of this purifier is that it can filter up to 12 litres of water per hour that mean 3 ounces of water is filtered in an hour.

Pros: The filtration rate of this purifier is good enough and it can fulfill the needs of a small family with four to five members.

Cons: If any part of this purifier stop working then it is difficult to find that part. Once the part of the purifier stopped working then the purifier is of no use.

2. Life Straw LSPHF017 Water Filter:

1.      The design of this purifier is intelligent enough that’s why people get attracted towards this purifier.

2.      This purifier is very much easy to carry while going for hiking or camping. This is a purifier that can filter up to 793 gallons of water without using any chemicals.

3.      This is the best purifier that kills all the germs and bacteria from the water without using any harmful chemicals.

Pros: This water purifier is very much cheap and easy to buy. People can easily buy this purifier online also.

Cons: This purifier needs suction when going to higher places.

3. Katadyn Vario Water Filter:

1.      This purifier has a complete mechanism of filtration. It is easy to carry this purifier as because this purifier does not weight much.

2.      People can filter up to two quads of water per minute. This purifier gets easily packed in a bag pack.

Pros: This purifier is very much easy to use.

Cons: The pump of this purifier sometimes stop working because the air-gets locked in the purifier sometimes. If someone is searching to buy a purifier for domestic, commercial or traveling purposes then they should directly contact aquaguard service center toll-free number Delhi.

These above-mentioned are the portable purifiers that people use while traveling.

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