Jake Blake February 15, 2019

On 14th February 2019 a terrorist attack held in Jammu and Kashmir, district Pulwama (20km from Kashmir) at 3:30 P.M. This was the biggest and deadliest terrorist attack that martyred the lives of approx. 37-42 CRPF soldiers.

Masood Azhar is the founder and leader of UN-designed terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed. Masood Azhar is the master-mind terrorist behind this whole Pulwama attack. The terrorist crew of Jaish-e-Mohammed was knowing before only that soldiers are going to pass from the Pulwama district.

About the attack: Around 3:15 yesterday, approx. 78 vehicles including trucks, buses and SUV’s carrying 2,547 soldiers were going to Srinagar after a set of vacations but who knew that they will never reach the border again.

At, the same time a suicide bomber (Adil Ahmed) of Jaish-e-Mohammad took his SUV from the wrong side in full speed, filled with 300kg of explosives. At 3:30, Adil Ahmed; the suicide bomber rammed the SUV into the 76th battalion bus of Pulwama district and the whole of the bus got crashed killing the soldiers. After this attack, firing also took place. At around 15-20 minutes, the place where the attack took place was sealed properly by the soldiers.

Around 37-42 soldiers are killed and approximately 40 soldiers are fighting for their survival. This was the most shocking and deadliest terrorist attack in our Nation.

On 8 February an alert was made by the agencies that something is going to happen in Jammu and Kashmir. According to agencies, Adil Ahmed entered in Kashmir as commando Vakas on 9th of February. Jaish-e-Mohammad organization of Masood Azhar has claimed the responsibility of this whole terrorist attack.

Prime Minister and President Sayings: Prime Minister, has appealed all the UN Nations to declare Masood Azhar as an International terrorist. Mr. Narender Modi says that the sacrifice of the soldiers will not go in vain, we will take strict actions about it.

President of India, MR. Ram Nath Kovind says that the entire nation is standing shoulder to shoulder with the families of the brave martyrs.

President of Afghanistan, Mr. Ashraf Ghani in a press statement has said that “Terrorism is cancer in the region, and it requires collective efforts to root it out.” 14th February 2019 has now become a Black Day for our Nation INDIA!! May the spirits of the martyred soldiers REST IN PEACE.

(RIP to all the martyred soldiers)

Jake Blake
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