Types of Brokers Who Can Help You in Stock Market

Nick Clair

If you are interested in investing in stock market, you need the help of stockbrokers. Without them, you will be highly confused with the twists and turns of the real stock market. If you are a novice, you will definitely need the help of stockbrokers. But, while looking for the best stock broker in India, you will get lots of options. If you don’t have certain ideas about them, you will utterly be in hem and haw. So, before the beginning of trading, you need to know what stock broker is and what the types of them are. Read on to know more.

What Is Stock Broker?

To state simply, stockbrokers are persons who help you to know the alleys of the stock market and assist you to trade in the most profitable manner. But, things are not that much simple. Actually, stock brokers or the brokerage farms are the licensed and regulated financial farms that assist you in buying and selling shares in the stock market.

Any kind of financial transactions in the stock market is executed through a broker. Today, there are brokers who help users to sign up through the online application. For their service, they charge a commission from their clients.

Types of Stock Brokers

In the stock market, you will generally find three types of brokers and the division has been made on the basis of the services they provide to their clients. Here are the basic types of brokers who can help you whether you have just stepped into the stock market or you are a pro.

  1. Full-Service Brokers

They usually work for a brokerage firm and the clients have to contact the firm at first. These firms provide diversified financial services to their clients and to execute those, they provide highly efficient full-service brokers to each client.

The commission charge is quite high in these firms as they provide you extensive services. Actually, such firms come with their personal research team and their own investment banking through which they provide assistance, analysis,and guidance while someone is willing to trade in stock market. Along with this, they also offer asset management, financial planning,and banking services.

  1. Discount Brokers

If you are dealing with the low amount of money and highly confused whether you can start trading, discount brokers are there to help you. It is true that they won’t provide any assistance and all that, but they have their website from where you can do your homework before investing. The charge of these brokers is much lower than the full-service brokers. For the beginners, discount brokers can be a real help.

  1. Online Brokers

With the advancement of technology, everything can be done online. Online brokers are also known as direct-access brokers who assist the traders who prefer day trading. The commission is quite lower here.

Here you get some ideas about types of brokers. You can choose the best one for you and start trading in the stock market.

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