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Are multiple consumer durable EMIs, high credit card bills, and never-ending personal loan payments making you feel trapped? In this generation where we can buy anything we want on credit, chances of us falling into a debt trap is very common. Many have lost track of their finances and find no time to analyse their financial health. That’s exactly why we all need money management tips from time to time. We need constant reminders to stay on track, monitor our expenses, and build our savings. Thanks to technology! You can now get all the financial advice you need from experts on your smartphone! The BankBazaar app is a dream come true for those who are craving to stay updated financially.

Money Management Tips

Why you should install the BankBazaar app right now

BankBazaar.com is a neutral third-party financial advisory website that offers unlimited financial information to customers and also allows them to go ahead and apply for financial products like credit card, personal loans, and recurring deposits online in just a few seconds. This app is like any other online shopping website with one difference- it allows you to shop for financial products instead of consumer goods.

The BankBazaar app comes in handy for professionals who are caught up at work during bank hours. One doesn’t have to visit the bank or stand in a long queue to get their work done as they can do it all using this app on their phone. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a penny to use this app!

The Finance 101 feature in the BankBazaar app

Apart from other features that this app offers like applying for a home loan or opening a fixed deposit, this app has a unique feature called “Finance 101”. If you love to read, you’ll fall in love with the Finance 101 feature of the BankBazaar app. Remember spending hours together checking feeds on your social media accounts? That’s how interesting The Finance 101 feature in the BankBazaar app is as it allows one to check financial feeds. It allows the user to choose the “Tags” they would love to explore like financial planning, credit card, cibil score, fixed deposit, and other financial products.

What you can do with The Finance 101 feature in the BankBazaar app

If you thought BankBazaar app only allows you to apply for financial products, you are wrong. The finance 101 option in the app allows you to do the following:

  • My Feed:

    The “My Feed” section in Finance 101 allows you to customise your page with financial topics that interest you. You will be allowed to choose topics you would love to read about under the “Explore” tab and once you select what you wish to read about, your feed page will be loaded with relevant news and articles. One can assume that reading about finance can be boring but under the “My Feed” section, you will find interesting articles like “Huge benefits of savings scheme”, “Why loans are good for you”, “how to correctly read your credit report”, and other similar informative content.

  • Featured:

    Under this section, you will find important financial news and articles that you shouldn’t miss. All essential information is listed here to keep you updated. All the articles in the app are pleasing to the eyes as well because of the pictures used. This definitely makes it interesting to read.

  • Latest News:

    Knowing what is going on in the financial world makes one look intelligent and informed. This section of the app is bombarded with the latest news related to the financial sector. From banks changing their rate of interest and tax filing to 7th pay commission and union budget, you can read about it all in this section. So say bye to your early morning newspaper. Save paper and download the app right now to read your news. Do not forget to grab your cup of coffee!

  • Home Loan:

    A special section is dedicated to home loans. As the name says it all, this section cover news, articles, and financial advice to people who are planning on applying for a home loan or for those who already have one. You don’t have to visit your bank to ask questions about how home loan works. Just check the “Home loan” section of the app to make the right decision. As the app is constantly updated, you will not miss any important news.

  • Personal Loan and Car Loan:

    These are two different sections of the Finance 101 feature that are used by many due to the popularity of the product. Almost every other person has an active personal loan or car loan in their name. So, many refer to these sections to know more about what they are dealing with. Readers get constant updates, tips, and latest news on personal loan and car loan in this section.

  • Fixed Deposit:

    Finance 101 has a separate section for fixed deposits. To encourage people to open FDs, BankBazaar uploads all information related to this topic under this section. Under this section, one can find articles about child saving schemes, mutual funds, Senior Citizen Savings Schemes, and Public Provident Fund (PPF) accounts are also covered.

  • GST:

    The Goods and Services Tax has caused quite a chaos in all our lives. When GST was implemented, people were running from pillar to post to know more about this new taxation system. To help people cope up and stay informed about GST, BankBazaar has a section for the same. So, want to know more about GST? Download the app right away!

  • Motivational Quotes:

    We all need motivation. Whether it is to hit the gym or stay financially disciplined, we need motivation all the time. To keep their readers motivated, BankBazaar app has a column for motivational quotes. Tempted to swipe your credit card for something you really don’t need? Open this section and read for a while and stay financially healthy.

Staying financially disciplined and managing your money right is not difficult if you get the right guidance. Download the BankBazaar app today and start building your financial portfolio right away.

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