Poorva Express Derailed Near Kanpur Station, Around 100 People Injured


20th April 2019, Poorva Express Derailed near Kanpur station. Due to the derailing 15 boxes of train people meet with an accident. Around 100 people are in tough situations.


  1. Poorva express derailed in Kanpur near Maharajpur area in Ruma. Around 100 passengers injured in this incident.
  2. Poorva express accident caused due to some technical issues. Train officials are still finding the root cause of the accident.
  3. Injured passengers are taken to the hospital in Kanpur.


This accident happened when the train was on its way. The train was going Howrah to New Delhi near the industrial estate. ADG law and Anand Kumar gave a statement that around 15 boxes derailed from the track, including the AC coaches also. This lead to Poorva express train accident.

At around 12:05 P.M. the train was going to arrive at the Kanpur Central Station. But the train was already late. It was 1 hour 12 minutes to reach the station. At around 12:54 A.M. the train derailed from the tracks and meet with an accident. The train derailed in Ruma near Maharajpur area. The train officials and the people of the railway department gave this statement.


Statement of railway lines official:

The coaches of the boxes that derailed from the track are S8, S9, B1-B5, A1, A2, HA1, pantry car, and the SLR. SLR means Seating cum Luggage Rake. This was the statement of railway lines.

Statement of superintendent Police:

The superintendent said that ‘The parting of rails caused the derailing”. However, the experts of trains are trying to find the access that caused the damage. They are also finding the led due to which incident took place.

Statement of passenger:

One of the passengers told the experience. He said that everyone was sitting on their seats a large sound came. Everyone falls off from their seats. Another passenger gave a statement to media that he got out of the window of the train after the accident.


The number of people injured:

There are around 100 people who injured in the derailing of Poorva express from the tracks. The injured people are sent to hospitals in special trains. Injured people are sent to Kashiram hospital. Therefore, Halet said that “A relief train was sent from Prayag to the accident way”. The people injured will be given proper wages and proper condolence for their treatment.

Other passengers:

Around 900 passengers left for Delhi from Kanpur Central Stations. Two special trains came to take the people. The first train departed at 5:45 A.M. and the second one at around 7:40 A.M. Around 900 passengers were in these two special trains.

All the officials and rescuing team reached the place at the perfect time. So many accident relief teams also came on the spot to rescue the people. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) came to the place as soon as possible. Therefore, they started their rescue operation to save injured people/ passengers.

Let us pray for all the injured passengers. So, they get proper recovery as soon as possible.

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