How to Start Your own Start-up

Jake Blake

“Entrepreneur”, a very strong word. In our life, we all have wondered to have our own business. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss. We gather all crazy ideas, talk about it with our friends over the cup of coffee and forgets it. But there are some strong headed people, who dare to not only discuss about their ideas but also put efforts to make them real. Well, there is no specific mantra to ensure the success of the business but there are few things that you can do to have a successful start. As we all know, “Well begin, half done.” What can be done ? what should be the first step? With whom you should work? Are few of the many questions you need to work on to establish your own start-up. Here are few tips:

  • Idea: An idea can do wonders. If you have an idea about your own business, do research over it. Is something similar to what you want to make is already present in market? If not, what can be its benefits? Why do people purchase your product or service? If you have a million dollar, are you going to invest it in your idea? These are some basic questions which will make you work towards your business. You need to know inside and out of what you are getting into. Do market research, competitive analysis, look for people who can sponsor you idea, build up a team. Which takes us to second important step: “TEAM”
  • Team: Rome wasn’t build in a day neither will your business. It will take more than just an idea to start your business. Yes, idea is the base of everything but you need people who believes in you and your idea. People who can work with you and are passionate about your idea. Now, you have an idea and a tea, next important step is who will you sell your product to? “Customer”
  • Customer: What do customer wants? Is customer going to purchase your product? You have to sell them your product. Imagine you are in elevator and you have just 30 seconds to convince someone about your product. Its called elevator speech. Your elevator speech must be so strong that you can convince anyone that they really need the product. To sell your product, you need to create a need for your product in the market. Once this need is created and customer is convinced that they want the product, your product will sell.

Hard work is the key to success. But in today’s world, you just can’t succeed with only doing hard work. You have to do smart work. Be persistent with what you want and keep improvising for betterment.

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