Use the Best PC Registry Cleaner to Deal with PC Performance issues

Alen Parker

Performance issues aren’t uncommon in windows as unlike other operating systems such as Linux. This is due to the face that Windows is architecturally very complex as compared to Linux and have many interconnected modules that are dependent on each other for functioning properly.  This level of complexity gives Windows its seamless compatibility with any application, but it also means that Windows uses more system resources in the process. So, to perform your system uninterruptedly, best pc registry cleaner becomes one of the best options.

Here a few known issues as to why performance issues are caused in Windows:

  1. Malware: The windows user base a huge amount of users all over the world. This makes it a very viable target for persons with malicious intent and are the victims to most of the virus attacks among all known operating systems.
  1. Fragmentation: Fragmentation is the process of bits of data getting accumulated in random sectors of the hard drive and not converging in a consolidated space. It is a very serious issue in the NTFS files system employed by windows.
  1. Bloatware: The windows OS isn’t as modular as Linux or MAC OS. There are a host of features and applications that the average user doesn’t need or doesn’t use in the OS and as a result the system has to deal with a lot of unnecessary applications just sitting in the file system doing nothing.

Here are some of the best ways to speed up pc running windows

  1. Using a registry cleaner:

    Having a registry cleaner is always helpful with a Windows PC as applications tend to build up redundant registry entries. These don’t generally impact newer systems as much but it does tend to noticeably slow down older systems that hadn’t had system optimisation in a long while. There are quite a few advanced registry optimizer tools available for free downloading but a specialist solution such as PC Optimizer Pro is the better bet.

  1. Disk Cleaning:

    Over time, caches and unnecessary app data tend to gather in the hard drive. This causes fragmentation and it is one of the leading causes of PC slowdowns. While Windows default disk cleaning utility does the job pretty well, it is always better to use a dedicated cleaning utility that can thoroughly clean the system. PC Optimizer Pro has the best pc registry cleaner in its app suite and cleans the system thoroughly.

  1. Windows Pagefile size:

    Say your PC doesn’t have a lot of RAM and as a result it is showing signs of slowdowns. In that case you can increase the page file size of the windows to use it as virtual RAM. While it won’t make it as fast as having dedicated RAM, but it’ll definitely give the PC some breathing room.


There is no fool proof solution to make a PC last till eternity. As time evolves, so do apps and technologies. But that doesn’t mean that you can make the most out of what we have today. PC maintenance is as important as washing your car or taking care of your pet. Neglect it and you’ll face consequences or do a little every day to make it last longer and with less hassle.

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