Make This New year, A New Year ! These Resolutions Can Change Your Life

Nick Clair

If January is the month of beginnings, December is the month of thinking about what those beginnings turned out to be. The New Year’s Resolution is nothing but this reviewing of the past and preparing for the future. The key is to decide upon resolutions that have the capacity to be followed for not just 10 days into the new year, but the entire year and maybe even beyond that. So, here goes the top 10 Resolutions you need to adopt for 2018.

  1. Pause before you Play

Don’t just do things. Take a minute before plunging in, to actually think about why you are doing what you are doing. And if the answer appears to be fake, wrong, or not real enough, abort immediately.

  1. Know when to say No

Thinking your actions through, will help you to separate the ones that you do for others and the ones that you do for yourself. Don’t do anything that inconveniences you just to please others. Say no if it doesn’t please you.

  1. Make some ‘Me time’

Your life is not just about your relationships, studies or job. It is first and foremost about You. No matter how hard it seems, always take out some time for yourself. Read. Watch. Travel. Go treat yourself every once in a while.

  1. Something new a day keeps the mundane away

Don’t let this year be a routine. Let it be a graph, soaring up and plunging down. Learn something new, have some new experiences, anything to keep your days from being all similar and repetitive.

  1. Quality over Quantity

Don’t aim for more friends or followers on social media. This year, check their quality rather than their quantity. Get to know them beyond their profiles.

  1. Re-define

Become your own person this year. Redefine everything that has been defined for you all these years. Make up your own belief systems and principles.

  1. Acceptance

Having your own opinion, would lead you to acknowledge that other people have their own opinions too. In this increasing intolerant world, become a little more accepting of the differences of opinions.

  1. Even though you grow old, don’t grow up

No matter how many new years you have had, don’t let the inner child in you grow up. Keep the kid in you kicking and screaming always. It keeps the fun alive.

  1. Sort out your priorities

Know that life is shorter than all that it offers. So, prioritize. Choose what gives you the most pleasure and pick that over others. And know that, your priorities are bound to change over time.

  1. Be kind

If you put enough time in yourself, you will realize how others too go through the same process. This realization will make you considerate of other people’s feelings and kind to them in general.

Adopt these outlooks of life as resolutions in 2018 and see how your life changes for better. And if they don’t work, fret not, there will be more January’s to begin with and more Decembers to rethink. Life is all about the hit and the trial.


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