What is the Difference Between Indian and US Educational System?

Jake Blake

Getting an international degree opens up tons of opportunities. To study abroad gives you a wide perspective about new technology, better understanding of the different culture, global exposure. Every country has its own unique education system. Which country you want to pick depends on what you want to gain or achieve from it. If we talk about education system in India, I won’t be able to summarize it in just one article. It is huge and you will find Indians working and running many multinational corporations. Indians have strong theory and concept base so we can say that is the specialty of Indian education system.

  • Practical Approach

If you go to USA, the education system is more inclined towards practical approach. From exam paper to assignment, from practical to final projects. It requires a lot of research work and practical approach.

  • Plagiarism

 You cannot copy paste any content. Once you submit the assignments, and let me tell you everything is online. I mean, you submit all the assignments and projects online at the university’s portal. And professors have various softwares to check if there is plagiarism. If you were found guilty of plagiarism, it might have severe consequences. You may get F grade in the subject to get expel from the university.

  • Course Plan

The other major difference you will notice is that in United States, you have freedom to opt for the courses of your own choice unlike in India where we have to follow the fixed selected courses. In US, universities you can opt the courses from other fields as well. Another major difference is the time schedule. In India, usually classes are from morning to afternoon where we have to attend 7-8 classes every day. In US, the class for every course is for once or twice a week. This gives students a lot of opportunity to utilize their time on doing research work and assignments. You get enough time to do part time job if you want. For international students, 20 hours of working is permitted to manage their living expenses.

There is huge difference between both the education systems. But one thing is for sure which is applicable for both the places and that is you need to work hard and be honest to yourself. Cheating and short cuts may give you temporary success but to be success for long run to learn and get in-depth knowledge of your subject is must. It doesn’t matter in which country you complete your degree.

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