Best Rajasthani Singers Who Are Known For Singing In Bollywood


What is singing?

Singing is a word that is defined as producing musical sounds with the help of instruments, voice, and other things. Singing is a way to use different types of rhythms, tonality, and a variety of vocal techniques. Therefore, a person who sings is referred to as a singer or a vocalist.

There are so many singers in the world that are known for their singing and their voice. Hereby this article you will get to know about the top-best Rajasthani singers. Let’s have a look on the Rajasthani singer list.



Whenever a person talks about Rajasthani singing or songs, Ila Arun is the first person who strikes the mind. She is worn who is considered the best Rajasthani singer. Ila Arun is a female singer who was born in 1979. She is a well-known personality of Bollywood because she is the best actress in the Indian Cinematography. Ila Arun is also known for folk songs and pop-folk songs. She is having a very unique and husky voice.

Apart from Bollywood mvies and singing, Ila Arun also performed in so many South Indian movies. Therefore, these movies were total of super hit movies. She is an inspiration to all of us.


Ila Arun is a famous singer and actress, she is having one daughter named Ishita Arun. Her daughter is also a famous star of Bollywood. She has acted in so many movies like Jodha Akbar, Lamhe, etc.

Arjun Bajpai is the husband of Ila Arun. He is also a famous personality of Bollywood.


She has been awarded so many times for and was given the title of best playback singer. There are so many songs for which she has been awarded. Some songs of Ila Arun are “Choli Ke Peeche”, “Ringa” and many more.



Mame Khan is another folk singer who was born in Rajasthan. Mame Khan was born in a small village of Rajasthan named as Jaisalmer. He is a traditional vocalist and is known for his voice. His voice is very much pleasant and good that he discovers extraordinary and incredible regard among society. He is referred to as the best music circuits of Rajasthan.

Today he is the best singer and he has a wide collection of folk songs and Sufi songs. The extraordinary style of his folk singing is referred to as Jangra. Therefore, he earns vast expenses for his incredible folk singing. He comes on the second position in the Rajasthani folk singers list.


He is expanding a lot in Bollywood and gaining a name on the top level. Mame Khan has also produced his voice constantly in the Bollywood also.


There are no such awards that are won by Mame Khan but he is considered to be the best folk singer in Bollywood as well as in Rajasthan.

If someone wants to know about Bengali singers in Bollywood, they can easily search about them. There are so many Bengali as well as Garhwali singers in Bollywood. If you want to know about Garhwali singers, you can click here Garhwali singer name list. This will help you in knowing about all the Garhwali, Bengali as well as other singers in Bollywood.


They are the two youngest boys who have earned a position in Rajasthani folk singing. Sarwar Khan is a 12-year-old boy and Sartaj Khan is only 11 years old. Their voice is very much beautiful and melodious that people have given them the title of Rajasthani boys.

Both of the boys have sung very well in the well—known movie of Aamir Khan “Dangal”. The incredible thing in them is that they sing similar to the great singer Mr. Gulzar. People consider them to as India’s best youngsters. They have started their journey by singing in a reality show and now they are known in the whole Bollywood.


She was one of the best singers of Rajasthan. Was born in 1902 and passed away in 1992. The best Rajasthani folk singer. People love to listen to her songs till now also. Allah Jilai Bai was a famous singer of 60’ and ’70s. She started singing when she was 10 years old and slowly and slowly she gained name and fame all over India.

In the year 1982, the government of India granted her Padma Shri which is referred to as the most noteworthy and non-military grants. She was also given awards in 1982 for the best folk singer of Rajasthan. Some of her songs are Kesariya Balam, Mumal and many more.


Swaroop Khan is again one of the famous folk singers of Rajasthan in the whole music industry. He is one of the best singers who was born in a small village of Rajasthan. Swaroop Khan was born on 6th of August 1991 in Jaisalmer. He started his journey by singing in a reality show and then slowly and slowly he gained name and fame in the music industry. His music career at age of 5 and in 2008 he came on TV in a reality show. Was in the top 10 competitors of Indian Idol and now is considered to be the best singer of Rajasthan.

He has been awarded so many times for his folk singing. There are so many awards that are taken by Swaroop Khan for his awesome singing.

These are some of the famous singers of Rajasthan who are mainly known for their singing. Rajasthani singer name list. The Rajasthani song list mentioned below. Let’s have a look at some of the Rajasthani songs.

Kesariya Balam, Tharki Chokro, Ghoomar, Mumla and many more.

This is all that a person should know about Rajasthani folk singers. Stay updated and tell us in the comment box whether this article helped you or not.

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