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Have you heard the name Jason DeFord or is Jelly Roll sounds more familiar? Jason DeFord is a very popular  person and he is well known by his stage name “Jelly

Roll”. He is now 35 years old and is very popularly known as an American rapper. Jelly Roll came in the highlight  when a large American Franchise, Waffle House, sued  Jelly Roll for using their corporate trademark in one of his  rap song “Whiskey, Weed and Waffle House.” Recently after 9 years, he is seen again in the talks.

This time it’s not only Jelly Roll who is being talked about but also Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie Xo. She is trending among Jelly Roll’s fans all because of her latest YouTube video in which she was seen describing her plastic surgery experience. Bunnie Jelly Roll’s wife is also a very fascinating Instagram model.

About Bunnie DeFord  

Jelly Roll’s wife’s full name is Bunnie DeFord and she is known by her nickname Bunnie XO. She is beautiful with green eyes, blonde hair, and tattoos all over her body.

Bunnie Xo’s age is 27 years. She is a high school dropout.  Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie Xo have 2 children Baille  DeFord and Noah DeFord. Bunnie Xo has a total of 123K  subscribers on YouTube and 718K subscribers on  Instagram.

Who is Jelly Roll’s wife? 

Bunnie Xo or Bunnie DeFord is Jelly Roll’s wife. She is a  very popular Instagram model, YouTuber, podcaster, and also media influencer. Bunnie DeFord married Jelly Roll on 17th October 2020. She is originally from Nashville which is in the United States. She came into the limelight when she started her career with a YouTube channel. Bunnie Xo runs a very popular show on her channel  named “Dumb Blonde Podcast.” The show has given her quite popular and now she has almost about 100,000K  views in total on her channel. Her YouTube playlist includes various YouTube shows like WhoreLympics,  Meet the Defords, Propaganda, and many more.

On her popular YouTube show, Dumb Blonde Podcast,  she interviews many different and popular TikTok stars, and also to spice things up she often interviews sensational or controversial people on social media.

Through her show, she put forward their life stories and situations in front of their stars. There’s absolutely no doubt about how much fun Bunnie Xo’s podcasts are. But  Bunnie Xo, the wife of jelly roll, is even more popular than her husband Jelly Roll. She is seen present in many of the music videos and one of kinds is Viking Barbie- Bury  Yourself and Shimmi Down My Chimney. Her YouTube  channel goes by the name “Bunnie DeFord.”

How old is Bunnie XO? 

Bunnie Xo was born on 21st of January. She is a 90’s kid and  is just about 27 years old whereas Jelly Roll is 35 years  old. The couple has an age gap of almost 8 years. But the  age gap couldn’t stop them from loving each other  immensely. They both love each other with great  compassion. She is a Tennessean and her nationality is  American.

How tall is Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie Xo? 

Bunnie Xo is an exotic Instagram model and is a  sensation on YouTube. Her body structure is just near  perfect and all her fans crave to have the same body  type. She is a role model for many of her fans. With the

perfect body, she also has a lovely height. She is tall and  her height is 5’9” whereas her height in centimetres is  175. Bunnie Xo is a perfect example of beauty. With good  body structure and a great height, she has some pretty  features too. As a gorgeous model, she has blonde hair, a  tattooed body and an overwhelmingly amazing figure.  Infect Jelly Roll is just 5’7” but the couple together is breaking many stereotypes.

What is the weight of Bunnie DeFord? 

Bunnie DeFord has a very fit body. Not only on screen  but in real life too she has a very amazing figure which is  an inspiration for her thousands of fans. Her weight is 68  kilograms only. In ponds, her body weight is 149 lbs. She  has a very well-maintained body structure which makes  her very hot and exotic. She has a body which many girls  carve and her measurements stand at 36 – 29 – 38  inches. Bunnie Xo has also many miraculous beautifying  features which include her long blonde hair, full lips and  her tattooed body.

She is too fit in comparison to her husband also. Jelly Roll weighs around 450 lbs which is nearly 3 times the weight  of Bunnie Xo. But recently it could be seen that he taking

a lot of inspiration from his wife and now his weight stands at 171 lbs only. Jelly Roll has lost almost about 2  times his body weight in 9 years. The couple is a great inspiration for all the others and they never miss a  chance to motivate one another.

What does Bunnie Xo do for a living? 

Bunnie DeFord or popularly known as Bunnie Xo is a very  multi-talented lady. She is also an independent woman.  She has a mesmerizing quality which makes her an  inspiration for thousands of her followers all over her  social media handles. Jelly Roll’s wife is a professional  YouTuber and runs her channel. She also has a very  popular show on her channel which goes by the name  “The Dumb Blonde.” On her YouTube show, she  interviews popular TikTok stars and also controversial  stars of social media. She interviews many stars and  promotes their life stories and struggles through her  channel.

Not only does she run her YouTube channel but she is  also a very exotic Instagram model. She also features in  various music videos. She was also seen in music videos  created by Jason DeFord, her husband and also Viking

Barbie. All the credit seems to go to her fans as Bunnie  Xo runs an OnlyFans account.

Once in an interview, Bunnie Xo mentioned that she was  never interested or passionate about modelling. But one  day she came across a website known by the name  OnlyFans website. Since then that website has been her  main source of earnings and she earns a great amount of  fortune from this website. She was though always  wanted to run her radio show and so to fulfil that, she  now runs her podcast on Instagram. She has around 79K  followers there and which is still rising. One hidden  secret is that Bunnie Xo earned 81K Pounds in just one  month of opening her page on the OnlyFans website.

Who is Bunnie DeFord’s husband?  

It has been mentioned throughout the article that Jason  DeFord is Bunnie DeFord’s husband. He is a popular  American rapper and is known mainly by his stage name  Jelly Roll. His rap albums can be heard on Spotify, Apple  Music and many other platforms.

Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll make a very great couple. They  both met when Jelly Roll was in his struggling period. The

couple, worked things out together and was each other’s  pillar of strength. They motivated one another and  pursued the other to grow emotionally and mentally.  Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll have been together since 2013,  the year when they first met. Since then they never left  each other’s side. After dating for 7 years they decided to  take a step further and the couple got married in 2020.

In an interview, Jelly Roll told that when he first saw  Bunnie, she was a proper southern girl who owned  penthouse and two sports cars. The couple met at the  show or the concert for the first time.

Does Bunnie Xo have plastic surgery? 

Bunnie Xo has gone through many plastic surgeries to  look the way she looks now. Jelly Roll wife before plastic  surgery and after the surgery looks very different. Her  plastic surgery pictures have made her fans very curious.  But she hasn’t said anything about the same. She never  spoke about her life before the media and surely never  disclosed anything about her plastic surgeries.

What is Bunnie DeFord’s Net Worth?

When Bunnie DeFord met her now husband for the first  time, she was already very successful at that time. She  had her own penthouse and two sports cars. In recent  times it was calculated that Bunnie Xo net worth stands  at approximately $2 Million. The couple earns so much so  together that they plan luxurious stays at exotic places  along with their children. Her most amount of income  comes from her profile on the OnlyFans website. And she  earns a good amount of money from her YouTube  podcast too.

Although Bunnie Xo is known as Jelly Roll’s wife, she had  made her name in the industry. She is an independent  woman and a very loving wife and a super caring mother.  She stands as a role model for her thousands of followers  everywhere. Bunnie Xo has a quality which makes her  stand out in the crowd and she is a very elegant  Instagram model, YouTuber and podcaster. In all, she is a  very talented lady.

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