Rekha’s Bungalow sealed and trends on twitter after Amitabh Bachan tested positive for COVID-19


After Amitabh Bachan tested positive with the COVID virus he posted about his health on the internet and got on trending on Twitter. But after this Bachan family news, Rekha’s Bungalow also got sealed and she is trending on twitter. To have information about all this, read this article.

It has been found the Rekha that veteran actor security guard got tested positive with COVID the deadly virus and a BMC notice was pasted in front of here Mumbai Bungalow. As soon as the Bachan family news got on trending, this news of Rekha’s house also came out and now it has become the topmost trending news on Twitter. Sources are saying that around two security guards who are always at the main gate of Rekha’s house are tested positive with this deadly virus and they both are currently seeking treatment from Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. Therefore, the building of Rekha was sealed after these two COVID cases.

Probing further, when the BMC arrived at Rekha’s house for sanitization the door was unanswered. Eventually, they just managed to sanitize and disinfect the house from outside only. The inner portions of the house are still not sanitized, BMC is regularly going for doing so but the door is always answered. Along with Rekha other Bollywood actors Sara Ali Khan, Aamir Khan, Karan Johar, Boney Kapoor, and Jahanvi Kapoor has also claimed that come of their staff members is tested positive with Coronavirus. However, the official statement from Rekha’s house is still awaited.

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