Things to Maintain to Prevent Dandruffs

Nick Clair

Dandruff is something which is common in every season. Anyone can face that any time. Also this creates embarrassing situations as the white flakes often lands on the shoulders of the dresses people wear.

People try and use ketomac shampoos to get rid of the problem but many people also think that home remedies are the best to put an end to these kinds of problems. There are many kitchen ingredients which one can use to fight dandruff problems.

But there is one thing that one needs to follow. Once to start these home remedies, you have to continue it for a good period of time till the problem is completely over.

Yogurt and vinegar are said to be used a lot to reduce the dandruff problems. In summers if one faces dandruff problems, then vinegar can be used to reduce that flakiness and to add some shine to the hair.

But also to prevent dandruff formation, there are some things that one needs to follow at a regular interval and there should be no miss in that.

Wash Your Hair Often

This is the most important thing that one needs to do in summer. This is because; in tropical countries one sweats a lot and this builds up a lot of natural oil on the scalp. And it is said that if there is more natural oil or sebum secretion, the more is the chance of getting dandruff accumulations.

Try a Hair Spa

Another great remedy to fight dandruff this summer is to try a great spa. But it is even better when one goes for a natural spa and not go for chemical induced spa products. One can pick up on fruit hair packs this season to rejuvenate their hair and scalp.

Olive Oil

This is another great remedy in summers to prevent the formation of dandruffs. Take 2 spoons of olive oil and warm it a bit. Then massage it thoroughly on your scalp. Keep it for an hour before washing it away with a shampoo. You can also keep the oil overnight if you want. But if you have oily skin then it is not a good idea to keep it overnight. An hour will do.

Sun Kills

Yes, the more your hair is exposed to the sun the more problems arise there. It gives rise to white flakes and hair fall or makes the hair look dull. It also builds up sweat in the scalp which leads to fungus accumulation and dandruff formation. So, if one goes out in sun, they need to cover their head with a scarf to save it from the UV rays.

Don’t Forget To Brush

This is again a very important thing to do. Brushing your hair twice a day is very much needed as it helps in proper blood circulation in the scalp and this leads to healthy hair growth and minimal dead skin formation.

Shampoo and conditioner for dandruff are available in medical stores and one can buy them with a prescription.

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