Factors to Consider When Purchasing Smoke Alarms

Nick Clair

Even though most smoke detectors are doing the same job, you can still choose from a wide range of options available today. Though the main purpose may be similar, the details differ from one unit to another. If you want to find the most effective   in the market, you should check out the following factors that you need to consider.

Number of Alarms

Regardless of the area’s size, apartments and houses should have smoke detectors. However, keep in mind that some places would need more than others. Even the professional fire contractors highly suggest every homeowner invest in high-quality smoke alarms to be placed right outside of every room and on every level of your house if you’re living in a multi-story house.

Don’t forget to consider your home’s size and the number of stories and rooms. Also, see to it that you buy and set up a sufficient number of alarms to be confident that your house is entirely covered. Don’t skimp on your safety at home. Hence, make sure to install all the needed smoke detectors all over your home.


Most of the time, a smoke detector’s job is to keep quiet. Because of that, it’s sometimes difficult to determine whether these units will successfully do their most important job should there be actual smoke and a possibility of a fire situation. You wouldn’t want to guess about this matter. Instead, you need to know whether your unit will flash bright lights or sound the alarm when the time comes.


All updated and modern smoke alarms can last up to 7 years or more, thanks to the innovations incorporated in such units. Regardless of which smoke detector you purchase, you can expect that you’ll have to replace it after using it for seven years. Even so, it’s best to acquire one that will completely last for seven years. For that, you should find a smoke detector that has a promising warranty so that you can minimize your chances of needing to purchase a new smoke detector sooner than later.


Though all smoke detectors need to be maintained from time to time, the amount needed differs. Regardless of what kind of smoke detector you want to invest in, it would be best if you test whether the unit is properly functioning once every month or more.

Easy to Install

Nowadays, almost all smoke detectors available are quite easy to setup. Installing them can even be a DIY project if you want and do it without the experts’ help. That’s particularly true if you utilize battery-powered smoke detectors. You may choose this type of smoke detector if you want to handle the complicated installation process because it is the easiest option you can do.

Two Types of Smoke Detectors

Hardwired Smoke Detectors 

A hardwired smoke alarm needs a more complex installation process and commonly comes with the option to add backup batteries. This way, the smoke alarm will not stop working when your area has an energy outage.

Battery-powered Smoke Detectors 

This type of smoke alarm is easier to set up and proven and tested to work even when there’s a power outage. However, you will need to manage the chirping or beeping sound once the batteries get low.

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