Bone Marrow And Its Properties

Sahil Arora

Human body

The human body is one of the most amazing entities of the world. It has an amazing mechanism that is happening in its insides. The whole mechanism of the human body is not totally known. Many things are still not known till date. And many things are known. The doctors and the researchers are working day and night to manipulate the known part of the body. Many new avenues are being discovered till this date. Unconventional therapies have been very much effective in treating many diseases in this 21st century. Stem cells are one of the most important innovations that have been made in this century used in these unconventional therapies. And the scientists are very much using this stem cells as a new research weapon for the therapy of many different diseases. Stem cells have very much deceptive also. In many cases during manipulation of stem cells, it has been very much ineffective also. Stem cells are mainly used in many targeted therapies either with the drug or with without the drug. The results are very much good also. With few diseases like the nervous disorders and many organ related problems stem cell therapy either in exclusive nature or in addition to the drug that is given. Apart from the stem cells there other many things too that are used for different kind of unconventional therapies.

Bone marrow and its utility

Bone marrow is one of the important element that a body has. It is present in both the male and female body in equal quantity. They are present inside the hollow space of the bone in the body. The bone is that organ that has multiple beneficiaries to the body. The body is very much protected because of the presence of these bones. The human body has 206 bones in totality and it can be said that these bones are present in a sort of network all over the body. These network of bones gives the human body a proper shape and is also very much is absorbing all types of shock that can damage the organization of the human body. Now in these bones, the bone marrow is present. It is primarily responsible for the production of the blood cells of the body. To be precise it is the site for the production of the red blood cells as well as the white cells of the blood. These two elements are most present and also is involved in most of the important functions in the body. Thus the problem in the bone marrow will be felt by the whole of the body as the blood will get totally damaged.

Not Invincible

It is very much obvious that the human body will fail at some point in time. Although the human body conta9ins defense system present in them. Still at times that defense system also becomes very much faulty. Treatment is needed to recover at that time. And every disease has different sort of treatments according to it.


Bone marrow transplantation is presently the best as well as the most successful technique to treat any kind of problem in relation to the blood.


Bone marrow transplantation in India, costing of it is very much high as it is one of the most advanced forms of treatment that the doctors are utilizing for the cure. Although the scientists and the researchers are trying day and night to reduce the expense so that they can be utilized for every section of people.

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