Best Travel Chargers You Can Find On Amazon

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One of the most useful gadgets that you are supposed to have when you are traveling is a smartphone that can help you communicate with people around you at home, take pictures and even get to know about the place you are traveling to. Another advantage is that you can make sure that you are moving in a secure location and connect to a Wi-Fi connection near you. Apart from that, you will be needing your smartphones throughout the day to get things done at work and even at home.

One of the foremost things that you have to add to your travel bag apart from the other essentials is a travel charger that keeps your battery loaded at all times. One of the reasons that you should have a travel charger is that you will not be indoors or close to a power source all the time when you are on a vacation or business trip and you need to use your phone. All you need to do is simply connect to a travel charger for your Android or iPhone. You can have a look at the latest tech and gadget news on WOW Cable TV. The best thing about WOW Cable TV is the WOW Channel Lineup that has a lot for almost everybody in the family. Let’s have a look at the different travel chargers that you can find on Amazon:

QTshine Portable Charger Power Bank 26800mah

The gadget is ideal for a wide range of devices and has the capacity to charge your phone 6 times over and your tablet at least 2 times. You can also get universal compatibility with almost all Android smartphones, tablets, different mp3/mp4 players and other devices that you can charge using USB devices. The portable charger can quickly charge two devices at the same time and provide enough power for your Android and iOS phones. One of the key features that comes with the device is that you can protect the device over short circuit and current using the Intelligent Controlling IC which is a very smart protection for your device. All of this and so much more comes with this super cool charger that you can use for traveling.

Amazon Ratings: 4.5

Anker PowerCore Metro Slim 10000 PD

This is the best chargers by Anker which is also known for its slim design and great delivery. Also, the power bank has the capacity to charge iPhone XS or the Google Pixel for 2 times and gets a full charge to the 11” iPad Pro. The device uses an 18W power delivery USB-C port, Trickle-Charging mode for low-power devices, PowerIQ-enabled USB-A port, and uses dual USB ports that can charge two devices at the same time. For more swift charging, you can use a USB-C power delivery wall charger that can charge the core in around 4 hours and uses a USB-A charger and cable that will take around 9 hours. The device is very simple and stylish when it comes to the overall appearance of the gadget.

Amazon Ratings: 4.4

Pxwaxpy Portable Charger Power Bank 30,800mAh

This is a highly portable charger that has a high capacity power of around 30,800mAh power and can charge your phone around 6 to 8 times. This is the best power bank that is suitable for taking on business trips, traveling and going out for a jog or when you are at the mall shopping. You can use the device’s Import Intelligent Controlling technology to prevent overcharging overcurrent and even short circuits. You can find the device universally compatible with all products via the USB charging cable, including all iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, other devices and uses a clear LCD display to show your current battery charge, input and output status.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

FOCHEW Wireless Portable Charger 30,800mAh 15W Wireless Charging

This is a portable charger that can deliver around 25W power delivery, 3.0 output and quick charge 4.0 output as well. You can combine and deliver an optimized charge for your devices. You can get a 15W wireless charge for your Qi-Certified cellphones and you can charge other devices using one of two micro USB outports. The device also uses the LED battery level indicator that can show you the remaining battery level and when you need your power bank to get charged up. You can charge your iPhone 12 around 8 times and iPhone 12 Pro Max around 6 times. The intelligent built-in chip can protect your device from overheating, short circuits, excess currents, over-discharge and other situations.

Amazon Rating: 4.3

In the end, one can say that using either of these travel chargers for your trips will always help you get through the trip. You can easily communicate with your loved ones, look out for safe neighborhoods, navigate through the place you are visiting and also stay in touch with your family or someone you trust if you are traveling alone. Also, if you are on a business trip, you can create presentations, connect to the internet and look after your teams in your office using your phones.

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