Attaining Perfect Health

Alina Wilson

There are many things that you could do and ways to live by if you wish to have good health and fitness. Just think about it – countless books have been written on the subject. Countless classes are given on the subject. Countless people have given countless presentations on the subject of becoming healthy. But is this the way things should be? Should you listen to all these people and read all these books in order to have the best information to stay healthy?

Well, we don’t think so. There are a lot of misconceptions in the field of health, this much is clear. You will find countless books on fad diets, for example, that will tell you that all you need to do is eat apples for 66 days and you will be in the shape of your life. Well, this is a very bad advice. If you eat only apples you will get to a stage of horrible malnutrition down the line. Your body needs calories from many different food sources in order to thrive. Eating apples is great as a part of a varied diet – and it’s very bad if you base your entire diet on apples.​

So, the point of the last paragraph was to tell you that you can’t really trust in every single piece of advice that you hear. Some of the “health” advice is absolutely horrible in every single way. But if you really think about it – you don’t even need a lot of advice if you wish to make things right when it comes to your health. ​

The reason for this is that it’s extremely simple to take care of your health. And what do you need to do in order to be healthy? A few things. Eat properly, exercise sufficiently, sleep well, and don’t get overstressed for prolonged periods of time. Sounds simple? Well, that’s because it is simple! But many people fail to realize this. They are still on their doomed quest to find the magi pill when it comes to getting healthy. The answer from above is far too simple for them – they need something more esoteric. So, you may hear of people that take the “spiritual path towards health” or something. But the reality of the matter is a lot simpler than that.​

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