The Best Range Of Oil Refinery Chemicals In India

Nick Clair

 The oil refinery chemicals manufacturers in India helps to provide the best quality solutions so that all the problems that come during the process of refining the chemicals and handling the fuels are very easily solved and overcome. These kinds of solutions help to provide best quality process enhancement things to the companies so that they can effectively meet the standards of the industry.

 Following is the range of refinery chemicals provided by manufacturers in India:

 -Antioxidants/stabilisers: These kinds of additives help in terminating the free radical chain reactions and also help to prevent the process of oxidation and it’s degradation without affecting all the other properties of the fuel. Ultimately these kinds of chemicals are well known to improve the refinery procedures and boost the performance of engine throughout the process.

 -Pour Point depressants for fuel: These kinds of additives are considered to be the polymers which are designed with the motive of interfering into hydrocarbon crystallization process which ultimately helps to modify the crystal structure. These kinds of changes in the crystal shape will also help in diminishing their ability to aggregates so that it can interlock which will ultimately help in resulting in lowering of the pour point of the fuel.

 –Pour Point depressants for heavy fuel: The basic mechanism of these kinds of additives are also same as mentioned above and these are also referred to as the polymers which are designed with the motive of interfering into crystallization process of higher hydrocarbons. The shape diminishing ability of the aggregates to inter-grow and interlock helps in achieving the overall goals very easily.

 -Corrosion inhibitors: These kinds of additives get absorbed on the metallic surfaces specifically at the temperature which exceeds 200°C and it helps in protecting the metal surface by forming a film over it so that it is given a great level of protection.

 -Corrosion inhibitor and lubricity enhancer additives (for the finished fuels): These kinds of additives are highly effective and help to provide proper protection to the pipelines along with other equipment so that diesel, heating oil, aviation fuels and gasoline can be stored very easily. Such chemicals also help to provide enhancement of lubricity so that all the finished fuels can work affectively and the major component of finished fuels is the jet fuel.

 – Octane boosters: These kinds of additives help in improving the overall octane rating along with the octane number of gasoline. The higher will be the octane number more will be the compression which the fuel can withstand without any kind of donating. So, all the fuels which have higher octane rating are considered to be very much effective to be utilized in higher compression engines and have generally very high performance.

 Hence, all the best quality refinery chemicals in India provided by refinery manufacturers in India have been mentioned above. These kinds of chemicals help to provide complete efficiency element throughout the refinery process so that overall goals are easily and effectively achieved and engine performance is boosted.

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