How to Manage Your Exhibition Stand to get the Best ROI


What does ROI stand for I hear you ask, ROI stands for Return of Investment. Which needs to be measured to ensure there is an actual point to exhibiting in exhibitions, you may find some exhibitions are more advantageous than others.

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Some tips for gaining the best ROI for your exhibition stand include:

Starting Early

Start the planning process and nutting out all the finer details early. Booking the right stand space at an exhibition is vital to ensure you have the best visibility and passing footfall. Stand exposure can be limited in some areas so, if you don’t get in early you could risk poor stand location at the event. You also don’t want to get bogged down by all the small details right before the show, get that stuff done early, so you can focus on making the most out of the experience and interacting face to face with your clients Exhibition Stand Design Exhibition stand design & trade show display booth builders & exhibition contractors.

Create an Eye-Catching Stand

Trade shows are busy places with a lot of exhibitors competing for the same potential clients. You must distinguish yourself from other stands to make sure people visit you before anyone else. Creative trade show stands can give you a huge edge at any event. Working with a professional and innovative custom trade show stand builder can really help you make that impact. Contact Cre8 today to see how we can help you stand out from the rest!

Pre-Event Marketing

It’s paramount to manage your pre-event marketing strategy to make sure your potential customers are aware of the upcoming event and what your company is offering. Also prepare for pre-show meetings – A lot of companies reach out to attendees 4 – 6 weeks before the show. Set up meetings with them at your booth before the show starts. Make sure the information you are letting out circulates in form of networking rather than making sales. This time around, you need to hear more from what your clients do than what you do.

Create an Interactive Experience

Interactivity creates attention, which is always important to bring people to your stand. Generate interest along with displaying your product and service offerings. If you can’t display your business offerings in an interactive way, consider creating an experience; where people can trial products, or have a walk-through experience.

Pick Your Team

Getting the new receptionist who knows little about your brand and offerings onto your exhibition stand will be of no benefit to you. You need experienced staff members who can answer detailed and specific questions about your brand and offerings in a professional manner.

The key is to recognise the strengths of your team and have a plan for how you will manage the flow of your booth.

Follow Up

Follow up with leads soon after the show. The longer you wait the longer they have to forget who you are and what you said. People have many interactions at trade shows, as much as you want to believe yours was different, it’s tough to remember everyone’s name and products after the show. Don’t be afraid to reach out straight after the show.

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