Usain Bolt Retirement- There is No Substitute

Ravleen Chawla

It’s been a career which captured the interest and appreciation of the world. Usain Bolt was the fastest man on earth for much of his decade long career. But in his concluding race, a golden farewell wasn’t to be, as a contentious athlete, Justin Gatlin bangs him down into third […]

Top 6 Benefits of Adopting Boxing as a Hobby Sports

Sarah Willson

Boxing is very aggressive and magnificent athletics that is played with both soul and mind. This is paramount for every no manual boxer so that he or she can use high-quality boxing gear in sequence to make a bright profession. Boxing for women has is become popular nowadays. Boxing gloves […]


Jake Blake

Sachin A Billion Dreams Sachin A Billion Dreams is an Indian documentary film, which is constructed on the personal and cricket life of Tendulkar.  This film will disclose the success journey of sachin’s  life depicting the way sachin strained his every nerve to be a millions dream; which he is […]


Jake Blake 1

The All India Tennis Association ( AITA ), is the main governing body of our country, India. It was established in the year 1920 and was affiliated with International Tennis federation and Asian  Tennis Federation. All India Tennis Association operates all of the Indian national representative tennis sides, including the […]

Maria on Her Come Back Rocks the Court

Jake Blake

Maria Sharapova, the Russian tennis player wins the second match on her comeback from a 15-month long ban. She won her match by defeating the world No. 43 Ekaterina Makarova in straight sets in the second round of her match. She is a prodigy to the sports world and its […]

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