Delhi Air Pollution- No Break from Smog for Next 48 hours

Ravleen Chawla

Delhi air quality has worsened as visibility levels dropped down due to merging for pollutants and moisture. This has to lead to the thick cover of haze all around the city. This low visibility has sternly affected the train services and vehicle movement on roads too. As per the reports, the arrival of about 41 trains in Delhi has been delayed as well as about nine trains have been rescheduled due to thick smog.

As pollution levels smash down in Delhi as well as NCR, health specialist has warned the people that nonstop introduction to polluted air can root a stroke among the grown up. This situation can harm the people as it has expanded the danger of heart issues as well as a problem can persist in the inner linings of veins and arteries.

According to Praveen Gupta, director of Neurology, Fortis memorial research institute “the circumstances are worsening at present. The number of young stroke patients had been augmented in comparison to last few years.

To cope up with the current situation NGT has asked to ban the old petrol vehicles that are more than 15 years old and diesel vehicles more than ten years ago from entering the city. It had also disallowed the industrial and construction activities in Delhi and NCR till 14th November. Moreover, trucks entering Delhi which are loaded with construction materials have also been banned.

NGT has criticized Delhi government and blaming them for the existing situation. They alleged that ‘you have made a mess of Delhi and you have done a lot what you have to, but now we will decide what you have to do’.

Delhi High Court had directed Arvind Kejriwal government to wash out all roads with water to keep away from dust cohort in Delhi. Today Kejriwal also announced that he would take the decision regarding even and odd scheme to be implemented as soon as possible.

Arvind Kejriwal had described this situation of Delhi as the gas chamber.  The government also requested people to avoid morning and evening walks. They also issued the notice to all schools of Delhi as well as Punjab to remain close and also banned outdoor activities for children owing to pollution.

As per the report of System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research that is (SAFAR) strong winds at 15 to 29 km per hour have been bringing many pollutants from Punjab and Haryana. It also forecasts the increase of these pollutants in this week.

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