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According to the recent news, ODI match is taking place between India and Australia. Ranchi is the place where the ODI matches are taking place. Team India Pays Tribute to Indian Armed Forces With Wearing the Camouflage Caps.


  1. A tribute is given by Indian cricket team to the soldiers who lost their lives in the terror attack of Pulwama.
  2. Dhoni offered camouflaged caps to all the Indian team members. It is noted that Virat and M.S. Dhoni decided to give tribute to CRPF soldiers like this.
  3. Dhoni and Virat Kohli said that “We are going to donate our fee to the National Defence Fund”.
  4. Camouflaged caps are going to be worn by the Indian team once in a year.

According to the recent updates, the Indian cricket team in a remarkable gesture is wearing camouflaged caps to give tribute to the martyred soldiers of Pulwama terror attack. The Indian team is giving tribute to all the armed forces of India.

M.S. Dhoni the Indian team captain before Virat Kohli offered all the team members the camouflaged caps. It was announced that the Indian team is going to wear the camouflaged caps in the match against Australia. He also announced that we will be wearing camouflaged caps once in a year.

Pulwama terror attack: It’s been three weeks back when this terror attack took place. In Pulwama terror attack a Pakistani terrorist from Jaish-e-Mohamad entered India as a commander. Nobody was aware that he will play such a terrific game. The terrorist of Jaish-e-Mohammad rammed an SUV filled with RDX in the bus of CRPF armed forces. Around 40-45 CRPF soldiers were there who lost their lives.

Everybody was in a big shock after this terror attack. Each and every person in India showed their feelings by tweeting on Twitter. Everyone gave tribute to all the soldiers who died or lost their lives in this terror attack of 14th February 2019.

Some days back, the BCCI world cup organization tweeted on Twitter that “India is going to give tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives”. They tweeted that the Indian team is going to wear camouflaged caps to show their love and respect towards all the Indian army. BCCI also said that “By wearing camouflaged caps India is going to give tribute to the CRPF soldiers who lost their lives in the Pulwama terror attack”.

According to the updates, it was noted that Virat Kohli and M.S. Dhoni will be helping the soldiers family by donating their match fee. They also said that they will be going to help the families of the Indian army in every possible way they can.

YES, this is a special cap and will forever remain special- Kohli said these lines at the time of toss before the match.

All the Indian cricketers have decided to donate the match fees and money to the National Defence Fund. Therefore, this will give a tribute to all those soldiers who lost their lives in the Pulwama terror attack- Dhoni said.


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