Nick Clair October 10, 2017

People have become so narrow minded these days, they only think about the enjoyment and do not focus on negative aspects. We should also focus on the side effects. Yes of course, firecrackers adds a little joy in every occasion, but it spreads large amount of air and noise pollution, which harms all of us very badly. People should avoid burning crackers this diwali to stop pollution. As it is known that fireworks are extremely harmful and dangerous, supreme Court has banned fireworks this diwali in Delhi.

It would be pollution free diwali this year in the national capital region (NCR) and Delhi. A big thanks to supreme Court which has banned firecrackers on this auspicious festival- Diwali. While the supreme Court (SC) has declared the same thing last year in the national capital region (NCR). It did not have the chance to notice the influence on pollution levels. It is actually said that, supreme Court also ordered that a pertinent agency commute the effect of a sound and smoke free diwali this year. While millions of people would celebrate this big occasions by burning crackers. Each and every year diwali festival leaves the hazardous smoggy pollution in the air and eliminated particles and residents complaining lung difficulties and breathlessness.

Diwali- last year was very much hazardous and worst in ten years.

Supreme Court Response:

 SC responding to the request of six and 14 years children- to ban the sale of fireworks.

  • The supreme Court concurrently rejected the license issued by ncr police to shop owners that permitted them to sale the firecrackers.
  • The supreme Court permitted the sale of firecrackers to restart after 1st November 2017 this year.

Supreme Court said, it wants to test if banning firecrackers would create the difference to Delhi’s atmosphere or air quality. The ban on the fireworks last till 1st November only.

The order of supreme Court came into response to various petitions, requesting for a rehabilitation of fireworks ban, it had the first order in Nov 2016. The ban on fireworks can be the extreme step towards pollution.

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