Ravleen Chawla November 5, 2017
PM Modi evaluates Congress to termites

Yesterday PM Modi mocked the Congress party by comparing them with termites.  And appeal populace to wipe them out from the state. He requested people to root Congress out by directing BJP in 9th November assembly election.

In the campaign rally in Rait PM Modi alleged that ‘the ailing plaguing Himachal Pradesh can only be treated by wiping out the termites and that is the Congress party’. PM also asserted that Congress had till now faced defeat in the upcoming polls and ditched CM Vibhadra Singh to his fate. He also taunts that ‘not even one senior Congress leader came here for the campaigning, that means that they have already left the field and left everything on the fake’.

Criticizing Congress party for its alleged corruption PM Modi said that there was an annoyance in the hearts of the population of Himachal Pradesh and on polling day itself the Congress party will receive the fruits of its sins.

PM Modi requested the people assembled there that ‘I am not here to ask you to make BJP succeed, but I am here to request to grant BJP three fourth majority. And also let Congress pack from every electorate in the state’.

PM Modi slammed Congress declaration to mark the first anniversary of demonetization as the black day. He supposed ‘Habitual looters’ who at no cost have to return the illegal wealth have to do it.  He would not let him be in peace and silence.

PM Modi alleged by taking the favour of BJP that this state had developed the most at the time when Prem Kumar Dhumal was CM, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee was PM. At that time the central government pumped in money and which Mr Dhumal had employed that money efficiently for the growth and development of Himachal Pradesh.

He supposed by pointing out Congress that ‘they will celebrate 8th November as the black day and also burn my statues. They are not familiar with the fact that Modi is a disciple of Sardar Patel. He   would not be cowe down at any cost, he will continue to fight against corruption’.

On 3rd November Sachin Pilot alleged BJP is celebrating 8th November as anti-corruption day, however not capable of claiming that how much money came out by demonetization. He also asserted that every district would stage the protest and called this day as the black day.


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