Weekend Getaways From Pune

Smith Levis

Pune is in Maharashtra is a very serene and quiet place and one can enjoy a quality life staying there. Maharashtra located in south west in India, so people who live in north , west or east in india or people who are coming from overseas they can book cheap […]

Feeling The Baby Kick

Jake Blake

You will not notice the baby kicking till about 16 to 22 weeks, even though they would have started moving somewhere between 7 to 8 weeks. This is bound to be witnessed if you may have had an ultrasound.

Top 6 Benefits of Adopting Boxing as a Hobby Sports

Sarah Willson

Boxing is very aggressive and magnificent athletics that is played with both soul and mind. This is paramount for every no manual boxer so that he or she can use high-quality boxing gear in sequence to make a bright profession. Boxing for women has is become popular nowadays. Boxing gloves […]

All you Now Need Your Aadhar Card

Smith Levis

When Aadhar was introduced by the previous UPA government, it met with quite a bit of opposition from the people, the supreme court and the opposition party at the centre. But it can be argued that the UIDAI has been a stupendous success, considering that it managed to provide almost […]

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