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India and China armies agreed to cool down the situations at LAC

As we all know that, in between the pandemic outbreak of COVID high tensions were going on between the Indian and Chinese armies. Even a violent face-off also took between both the armies and causalities were seen on the side of China as well as on side of India also. More than 20 Army persons and one commanding officer were martyred for the Indian nation during this face-off and around 43 army persons were killed on the side of China. The situations were becoming worsened but now suddenly information came out in which the officials are saying that both the Indian and Chinese armies are trying to cool down the situations taking place at LAC.

Chinese and Indian army troops arrived at the consensus about the outstanding issues taking place at the LAC. Furthermore, both the countries have agreed to take all the necessary measures so that the situations at both the borders cool down. Therefore, this is information announced by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday. Probing further, the Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane visited Leh as well as reviewed all the on-ground situations and the progress that is there in the talks with the Chinese military. Both the countries are trying to cool down the situations, let’s try what happens and what not. You just stay connected with the internet and the television channels, to know about all the cooling down situations between both the Indian and Chinese nations.

Along with all this, information from IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) said that monsoon is soon going to arrive in the several parts of Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh. Get connected to us for having more details about all this news.

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