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Earthquake shocks felt in Delhi NCR, the epicentre was Rohtak

Recently, from the reports, it has been claimed that Earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi NCR during the evening time. But no causalities, property damage, or loss of property was reported after these shocks in Delhi NCR. According to the National Center of Seismology, it has been found that the earthquake was of medium intensity having earthquake magnitude 4.6 with epicenter in Rohtak, Haryana. Moreover, the shocks occurred at depth of 5km at around 9:08 P.M. Ergo, this was the third time when Earthquake shocks were felt in Delhi NCR during the pandemic outbreak of COVID.

What’s happening all around? People are facing new hurdles on a daily basis, hence it can be considered that 2020 is going to be one of the destructive years for people. People today tweeted today on the Internet and claimed that its proverbial end for India as the country is continuously grappling up with so many things like locust attack, cyclone formation, COVID pandemic, earthquakes, eclipses and many more. Whereas some people tweeted that hey good god or lord, please come and save your people as we are facing so much destruction and also said the please be kind and show some mercy.

Earlier this month the national capital felt Earthquake with 2.2 and 3.4 magnitudes but these were the earthquake with low intensity. Now, we can just pray to God for our safety. #STAY HOME #STAY SAFE.

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