kristi lopez April 28, 2019

According to the recent updates, a woman in China got hospitalized due to crying after watching Avengers Endgame.

Avengers Endgame is touted to be the biggest movie of the year. Avengers Endgame has smashed the record badly. People from all across the world scrambled to watch this movie. This was the fourth and final installment in the franchise.

The filmmakers and actors are reminding the fans that not to reveal the plot but have been already revealed. All the viewers are getting very much emotional after watching this movie. On the first day, this movie earned $31 million whereas the amount has increased to $305 million. This is the biggest earning movie of this year.

This part of the movie was very much emotional, that a 21-year old woman in China got overwhelmed. Therefore, she cried after watching Avengers Endgame and due to this, she got hospitalized. According to the updates, the onlookers said that she was giving the sings of hyperventilation. She got big trouble in breathing and her hands and feet got numb.

After that, she was taken to the hospital and was given proper oxygen to control the irregular breathing of hers. All the hospital staff tried to control her by saying kind words. Now, the situation is under control. The lady is better than before.

For more updates, keep reading our page. We will provide regular updates about the woman and her condition.

kristi lopez

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