Maddy Goher November 22, 2019

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Yashshvi July 4, 2019

According to the updates, there is no hiding that the Indian keeper Virat Kholi gets animated at some point. He gets animated especially when his side was bowling. In yesterday’s match that was between India and Bangladesh. The captain of India reacted too strange with the field umpires. Therefore, this made all the people surprised.

Maddy Goher June 29, 2019

Cricket has always been the most sought after game. The sport in today’s times is reaching its utmost fame and wealth. Thanks to our supremely talented players for making it grow with their continuous efforts and hard work. Cricket has now become an emotion for the people. It is the only sport in the world […]

Yashshvi June 21, 2019

HIGHLIGHTS: All the teams participating in the ICC World Cup are provided with 2 different kits. Only the hosts are going to have one coloured kit. Afghanistan will wear alternative Jerseys on Saturday match with India. Indian team is going to wear New Jerseys of orange colour. They will wear these Jerseys on 30th June […]

Yashshvi June 10, 2019

The hero of the 2011 world cup announces that he is soon going to retire from all forms of cricket. Yuvraj Singh said that he is going to draw curtains on 19 years of his career and cricket journey. According to updates, the 37-year-old cricketer, Yuvraj Singh made this announcement after an emotional video of […]