kristi lopez April 27, 2019

MOVIES!! Who else don’t like to watch movies? We think there are very fewer people in today’s time who don’t like movies. In fact, this is the most loving hobby of people these days. It is not about today’s generation. DISCUSSION ABOUT MOVIES IN OLDEN DAYS AND PRESENT TIME: In olden days, also people liked […]

Sahil Arora April 6, 2019

Do you know? The trailer for avenger’s endgame is launched and it is very much amazing. You should have a look at the trailer. This is the fourth part of avenger’s movie and is known as “END-GAME”. Mark Ruffalo is the person who revealed the title for this part of Avengers. Every fan of Avengers […]

Sahil Arora March 24, 2019

The wait is all over now. Everybody needs to hold their horses for a few days more because this time Avengers Endgame is going to wrap its series. It would be a perplexing experience of watching all the Marvel Comics superhero together in one frame. This is the time when after ten years with 22 […]

Nick Clair July 19, 2018

Creating a fun environment for learning the piano can make it easy for young students to understand their lessons in the music schools in New York. One of the best ways of creating such an environment is by teaching piano in groups. This can also have significant benefits in time and money for you and […]