kellybrown April 16, 2019

What is singing? Singing is a word that is defined as producing musical sounds with the help of instruments, voice, and other things. Singing is a way to use different types of rhythms, tonality, and a variety of vocal techniques. Therefore, a person who sings is referred to as a singer or a vocalist.

Jake Blake December 27, 2017

Are You A Yo Yo fan?  Were you missing his voice, his music, his raps and party numbers?  Was your party incomplete without his wonderful tracks?  Now… No more. Honey Singh needs no introduction. The rapper who lives in heart of Indian youngsters is back with his singing to spread the magic all over again. […]

Ravleen Chawla October 10, 2017

The Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut story seem to be endless. Neither of the parties is back up, and along with lethal accusations, lawsuits have been a briefing, left, right plus centre. Currently, as it’s such an intricate and knotted story, it’s uncomplicated to lose track. So we’ll ease it out for you, and notify […]

Jake Blake May 4, 2017

After battling from bladder cancer veteran actor Vinod Khanna breathed his last on Thursday morning, the funeral has been taken place today at 4:30 pm at Mumbai’s Bangana crematorium. His family friends, Bollywood co-stars and political fraternity have reached to pay their last tribute. In April first week, his condition was considerably deteriorated due to […]