Ravleen Chawla

Ravleen Chawla October 25, 2017

Hyderabad based cross-country biker Sana Iqbal dies in a car accident in the early hours of Tuesday.  Narsingi SI Sudheer Kumar supposed, “The incident took place in the wee hours yesterday at 4 am. The accident took place on the road amid Kali Mandir and Langer Houz. Her husband Nadeem, who was driving the Fiat […]

Ravleen Chawla October 24, 2017

2017 has been a remarkable year for Bollywood movies, and we have seen numerous films come and go. A current year has several fabulous releases in the first half. Various have shattered box office records globally.  Below are the top 9 highest grossing Bollywood movies of 2017. Bahubali2- the conclusion (511.3crore) Bahubali2-the conclusion is the […]

Ravleen Chawla October 17, 2017

Yesterday, North Korea told other countries to stay away from partaking in the military act with the U.S. to shun retaliation and notifies that a ‘nuclear war may break any moment.’ Kim Jong Un told the UN General Assembly’s disarmament committee that North Korea is the lone country in the world that has been subject […]