North Korea says nuclear war will break out any time

Ravleen Chawla

Yesterday, North Korea told other countries to stay away from partaking in the military act with the U.S. to shun retaliation and notifies that a ‘nuclear war may break any moment.’ Kim Jong Un told the UN General Assembly’s disarmament committee that North Korea is the lone country in the […]

Donald Trump signed executive order to weaken Obamacare

Ravleen Chawla

Donald Trump has signed an executive order building it easier for employers to acquire bare-bones health insurance plans for workers, by his presidential powers to deteriorate Obamacare following fellow Republicans in Congress failed to fend off the 2010 law. Donald Trump subjected the order all of a sudden aiming to […]

Govt plans to relieve Aadhaar mobile linking

Ravleen Chawla

Mobile phone users, mainly senior citizens, facing complexity in fulfilling with the SC order of Aadhaar mobile linking as proxy authorisation may soon be acceptable for the rationale.There is release on the method for all regarding the problems faced by all. The options being measured by the government in discussion […]

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