Jake Blake

Jake Blake January 23, 2018

As all know, India is a country with rich culture and religion. Dresses those Indians carry changes from region to region. Every state or territory has its own way of traditional clothing for men and women both. For different occasion you can wear different traditional dress. You can find different traditional dresses at one place […]

Jake Blake January 19, 2018

If photography is your passion, and you really want to keep it going, then what you can do it attend a workshop for it. Yes, it is true that taking photos is just a passion and you can do that when you are travelling to a different place but brushing up your skills then and […]

Jake Blake January 15, 2018

Plaster is a general term for a soft mixture of sand and cement, sometimes along with other substances like salt, calcium and, most commonly, gypsum. It is used to cover the surface of a freshly bricked wall, to make it smooth enough for applying primer and a final coat of paint.

Jake Blake December 27, 2017

Are You A Yo Yo fan?  Were you missing his voice, his music, his raps and party numbers?  Was your party incomplete without his wonderful tracks?  Now… No more. Honey Singh needs no introduction. The rapper who lives in heart of Indian youngsters is back with his singing to spread the magic all over again. […]